PowerSpring Trampolines

What is PowerSpring?

We created PowerSpring with the vision to build the best trampoline in the world. So strong, the frame, springs and mat, can hold 6000 lbs of weight!

Safe. Powerful. Durable.


  • From 1 end of the frame to the other end of the frame – 186.5 in (15ft 6inches)
  • From 1 end of water anchor to the other end of water anchor – 211.75 in (17ft  8in)
  • From 1 end of the jump mat to the other end of the  jump mat – 157.75 in  (13ft 2in)
  • Jump mat triangle ring to end of spring 13.5 in
  • Height from top of enclosure pole to ground – 111 in ( 9ft 3in)

We offer the highest quality trampolines for kids. Contact us now to get a quote for delivery and installation.

Power Spring Trampolines - PS-1600 Warranty