4′ Round Picnic Table | Direct Bury Single Pedestal | Plastisol Coated Perforated Steel

Comfortably seats eight adults. The picnic table features diamond-shaped openings on the tabletop and seats and an in-ground center post mount.

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The single pedestal picnic table has a direct bury (in-ground) mount. The perforated steel surfaces are completely coated with a thick layer of UV stable, mold-resistant plastisol that protects the products from harsh environmental elements. Furthermore, this coating is also applied to the center pedestal. Because there is no exposed metal, rust is never a problem. Rust weakens the steel and once exposed will deteriorate quickly. We don’t want that to happen. Because we completely coat the entire product, we are able to offer a 20-year warranty!

  • Comfortably seats eight adults
  • The smooth perforated steel surfaces have openings of approximately 3/8 inch. Beverages are less likely to tip on the smooth surface of coated perforated steel.
  • The tabletop is a full 48 inches across, therefore has plenty of room for everyone to enjoy.
  • 100% plastisol coated – including the center post! No exposed metal, therefore rust will never be an issue!
  • In-ground center post mounting to be leveled and secured with concrete.
  • The center umbrella hole is not available on the single pedestal picnic table because of the post.

The Champion style round picnic tabletop has a dimension of 48 inches. The gently curved seats have a 10-inch width with a perforated steel surface. The entire picnic table has a 77″x77″ overall footprint.

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