As an exclusively outdoor product, a heavy duty trampoline must be one that’s able to withstand the sun, wind and rain for 24 hours day in our backyards. Not only that, a truly heavy duty trampoline must also have a sturdy and well-made frame that’s able to happily bounce much more than the weight of the average person. Every Vuly trampoline is designed to endure whatever your family puts it through – and look amazing while doing it!


  • Trampoline width: 14ft 8in
  • Safety Net height: 5ft 11in
  • Mat width: 12ft 4in
  • Frame width: 14ft
  • Mat height: 2ft 11in
  • Trampoline height: 9ft 3in
  • Trampoline weight: 306 lbs
  • Max user weight: 330 lbs
  • Leaf spring count: 64