Technical Specs


  • 14 Square Foot Deck
  • Green Wave Slide
  • Green Tarp Roof
  • Rockwall w/Green Rocks & Yellow Rope
  • Wooden Entry Ladder
  • 2 Position Swing Beam
  • 2 Green Belt Swings
  • Yellow Trapeze w/Rings
  • 2 Yellow Safety Handles
  • Green Ship’s Wheel
  • Green Telescope
  • ORANGUTAN FORT features 2 Belt Swings, Trapeze with Rings, Yellow 8′ Wave Slide, and Sandbox below the fort.
  • 48″ RAISED 14 SQ FT PLAY DECK with Green Tarp covered roof provides shade to the large square Sandbox base. The top play deck comes equipped with a Telescope and Ships Wheel.
  • FULL WIDTH ROCK WALL with 10 Green Rock holds, Yellow Climbing Rope and Wood Step Entry Ladder with PlayGrip™ Safety Handles provides 2 entries to fort deck.
  • TWO POSITION SWING BEAM with 2 Green Belt Swings featuring plastisol coating on chains to protect little hands and 2 pair of ductile iron commercial grade swing hangers.
  • MAJOR FEATURE is 100% Premium Cedar solid wood construction. This premium cedar is naturally rot deterrent and free of chemicals preservers.
  • Intended for single-family residential use only.

As you check out the Orangutan fort with it’s wonderful design of great affordable swing set that includes 2 position swings, a trapeze bar you can flip and hang on, to the rock wall and 8 foot slide with awesome potential of an all cedar construction. This fort has a 14 sq ft deck for kids to enjoy and also comes with a ship’s wheel and telescope to help kids use their imagination to soar! Comes also with 4 powder coated and hot dipped safety handles for easy entry. This Orangutan Fort is full of fun for any backyard with a foot print of 15′ L x 14′ W