Swing Set Factory Depot brings over 20 years of experience to the industry and we continue to strive to make customers experiences warm and friendly while shopping our selection of wooden and vinyl swing sets. We offer the best craftsmanship,quality and safety with all our products and services.

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Full Service Fun Experts

Our goal at Swingset Factory Depot is to make it fun to build your child’s swing set the way you want it. From start to finish we want to hear all your questions and concerns to set your mind at ease. We want to make this an easy experience so you walk away knowing you made the right choice with our quality products and staff.  Our wooden and vinyl swing sets are the best in the market. 

Yard measurement

We offer yard inspections within the delivery areas if the customer is unsure with placement or the grade of their yard. We offer the best knowledge to know where to place your swingset,hoop or trampoline in the safest location safe from landscaping and fixed objects. Let’s get started and put a smile on a kid’s face one backyard at a time!

Maintenance and Refinishing

We offer and provide services for maintenance and inspection on your play equipment to keep everything safe and up to par so you have no worries for years to come.From inspection of safety to restoring the original look of your playset when purchased. We know exactly what needs to be done to make it easier so you have no worries from start to finish.

Installation and Moves

Our Installation contractors have the expertise and knowledge to help with the best position and placement of your swingset or trampoline if you need help. We offer relocation on all our products from tear down to relocate from house to house no hassle to put your mind at ease.

Add Ons

We offer expandable swingsets that you can add on new things to keep the children excited and they grow into it and not out for years to come after original purchase. Contact one of our experts for add on options for your wooden or vinyl swingset so your kids are smiling again!