• 25 Square Foot Deck
  • Yellow DoubleWall Scoop Slide
  • Wood Roof
  • Wooden Entry Ladder
  • Lower Floor
  • Playhouse Panels
  • Snack Bar
  • Yellow Trapeze w/Rings
  • 3 Position Swing Beam
  • 1 Red Belt Swing
  • 1 Blue Belt Swing
  • Yellow Rope Swing w/Disc
  • 2 Yellow Safety Handles
  • 2 Yellow Ladder Handles
  • Blue Ship’s Wheel
  • Blue Telescope

This 5.8 Bengal fort with snack bar is loaded with endless hours of play and fun for the kids to do! With a 5.8 deck height with a 25 sq ft deck for play. To the double wall scoop slide for any age! Other features are wood roof, wooden entry ladder with handles, playhouse panels and floor, a snack bar to eat lunch with your friends at. The 3 position swing beam at 8 ft high, 2 belt swings and trapeze bar, 5 safety handles, ships’ wheel and binoculars too! Footprint: 21′ L x 17’W