GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch

GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch

Each bag cover 1.5 ft.2 at a 3″ depth.

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GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch offers five beautiful colors that can match any project design you have. Color will look beautiful for years to come with our 12-year Color Lock Guarantee.

Some of the best memories children have are made on the local playground as they run, jump, swing, climb, and imagine their way into new adventures. Sometimes, traumatic memories are made when a nasty fall onto the play surface leads to a broken bone, head injury, or painful scrape. A play surface material like rubber mulch can greatly reduce any injuries your child might sustain.

Unlike wood mulch/chips, pea gravel, and sand, rubber mulch does not turn into a compacted or hard surface with frequent use. It won’t blow away in high winds or float away during big rain storms either, and stays in place to keep your child safe. Rubber mulch has been evaluated by groups like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as an appropriate loose full surfacing material for residential and commercial playgrounds because it provides superior fall protection when compared to other materials.

Playground Applications

  • Residential Playgrounds

  • HOA/Neighborhood Playgrounds

  • School Playgrounds

  • City/County/State Park Playgrounds

  • Daycare Playgrounds

  • Church Playgrounds

  • Commercial Playgrounds


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