Hoosier Nest

Hoosier Nest


Available Colors: Primary, Neutral, Custom
Age Range:
2-12 years
Child Capacity:
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
24′ 4″ x 31′ 3″

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The Hoosier Nest is an exhilarating play structure that provides an abundance of amusement within a reasonable size and price range. Its most notable feature is the impressive Spiral Slide, which gracefully descends from the highest deck, captivating children and enticing them to reach the top of the structure. Additionally, there is a smaller Straight Slide available for those seeking a faster and less intense ride, requiring minimal climbing. Furthermore, the structure boasts three distinct activity panels, offering a diverse range of engaging activities for children to relish. The Gear Panel caters to the imaginative play of younger children, while the Tic-Tac-Toe Panel allows kids to challenge their friends in a friendly game. Lastly, the Store Panel, situated beneath the top deck, enables children to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and run their own business. Whatever children desire, the Hoosier Nest undoubtedly caters to their every whim.


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