Montauk Downs

Montauk Downs


Available Colors: Primary, Neutral, Custom
Age Range:
5-12 years
Child Capacity: 27-31
Fall Height: 84″
Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
Safety Zone: 35′ 2″ x 31′

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The Montauk Downs playset offers not just one, but three amazing slides, making it even more exciting for children. They can race each other down the slides and enjoy a full day of physical and collaborative play. In addition to the slides, the playset also features a climber and an Overhead Ladder. Two elevated platforms are connected by easy-to-navigate stairs. Children can access the first platform through the Sea Creature Climber and Vertical/Horizontal Ladders. From there, they can take the stairs to the 60-inch platform and choose between the Left Turn Slide, Wave Slide, or Right Turn Slide. The different slides allow them to take turns and have even more fun. On the ground level, there are accessories like a Ship’s Wheel, Store Panel, and Bongos, which encourage dramatic, creative, and social play for children of all abilities. It’s worth mentioning that our ground-level accessories make the play structure ADA compliant. The Montauk Downs playset is designed to bring joy to children of all ages and provide a well-deserved break for parents and teachers. It promises years of happy memories and inclusivity with its charming design.


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