Sunset Harbor

Sunset Harbor


Available Colors: Primary, Neutral, Custom
Age Range:
5-12 years
Child Capacity: 25-29
Fall Height: 84″
Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
Safety Zone: 28′ 9″ x 28′ 8″

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The Sunset Harbor playset is a lively and dynamic structure that resembles the vibrant setting sun. It is designed to encourage active and imaginative development in children. Accessing the play structure is an exciting adventure, with a Vertical Ladder leading to a Horizontal Ladder that children can climb across. They can also reach the main platform through a Pod Climber or stairs, adding an element of thrill to games like tag and capture the flag. On the ground level, there are interactive features like a Drum and Rain wheel that promote creative and social play for children of all abilities. This ensures that the play structure is compliant with ADA regulations. To provide relief from the sun, a Pyramid Roof covers the Wave Slide platform, offering shade and protection on hot and sunny days. It also serves as a cool spot for children to catch their breath. The Sunset Harbor playset is available in a variety of colors and can be quickly shipped with the beautiful palettes shown here. With its action-packed design, this playset is the perfect child-friendly outlet for parks, schools, and daycare centers that need to accommodate whole classes during recreation time.


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