Camp Walden

Camp Walden


Available Colors: Primary, Neutral, Custom
Age Range: 6-23 months
Child Capacity: 14-23
Fall Height: 0″
Post Diameter: 3.5-inch
Safety Zone: 15′ 4″ x 15′ 4″

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Camp Walden is the ideal escape for kids seeking respite from the commotion of the playground. This collection of seven of our most entertaining activity panels offers something for every child, regardless of age or physical ability. While great for solo play, these activities really shine when enjoyed with friends. The Tic-Tac-Toe and Plinko Panels introduce playground games for friendly competition. The Store Panel sparks all kinds of pretend play. Budding engineers will enjoy the simple Gear Panel. Two styles of maze panels provide solitary challenges, while the percussion panel lets kids add a lively beat. Best of all, the two-sided design ensures no waiting for a turn at a favorite activity.


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