King’s Ridge

King’s Ridge


Available Colors: Primary, Neutral, Custom
Age Range: 2-12 years
Child Capacity:
Fall Height:
Post Diameter:
Safety Zone:
27′ 1″ x 33′ 4″

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King’s Ridge is a recreational structure that has been designed with ADA standards in mind, ensuring that all children have the opportunity to experience the thrill of ruling over a forest realm. This enchanting atmosphere is further enhanced by the presence of overhead Leaf Roofs and a captivating Mini Arch Bridge. Children can engage in friendly races with their friends, navigating through climbers and paths on the equipment. And when they tire of zooming around, there are still plenty of interactive elements to stimulate their young minds. Kids can collaborate and use the Single Drum and nearby Bongos to compose an original piece of music for joyful celebrations. Looking for more excitement? They can carefully cross the Bones Bridge and slide down a Left Turn Slide, creating a thrilling cascade. Another Left Turn Slide extends from the opposite end of the playscape, ensuring that children have ample time to enjoy themselves and less time spent waiting around. Additionally, a Store Panel awaits, resembling a bustling marketplace just waiting to be opened. To add a touch of playful imagination, an upper-level Gear Panel injects a futuristic science-fiction element into the treetops.


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